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Summary of mailing lists used by Emulab

Each Emulab site has number of email lists that the local administrator is subscribed to when the rack is initially configured. The local administrator can arrange to archive or procmail these lists someplace safe, or you can setup local email lists for them and we will subscribe those lists instead of the administrator. This is what most sites do; be sure to tell us the names of these lists.

If you have any questions about what a particular message means, please send email to (you will need to subscribe to this list) at

Here is a description of the various lists.


Various status messages are sent to this list each night that describe the state of the testbed. These messages are generally self explanatory and can be quickly scanned.

All systems errors are also sent to this list. These messages should be read and acted on.


Many kinds of logs are sent to this list, and serves as an archive of activity, especially for postmortem debugging. You do not need to read these in real time, just archive or procmail them away. If you have a problem, you can go to the archives.


These are security messages of interest, like changing passwords or changing group membership. You generally do not read to read these, unless you are operating in a paranoid security environment. Most sites archive or procmail them away.


For the most part you can ignore all these messages and simply archive them directly. They will be needed if there is a problem with the event system, which rarely happens, but when it does, the email messages are very useful.


This is an email list on the local ops (users) node that site admins can use to contact all users with active slivers (nodes), say for informing users of planned maintenance or other similar issues.