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Notes from phone conversation between Rob and Leigh on March 29th, 2008.

  • Rob said he was okay with the credential structure I spec'ed out in email message Mar 12, 2008 17:59:46.
  • Question about what UUIDs (GGIDs) go into a credential.
    • UUID of the person owning the credential.
    • UUID of what the credential refers to (slice, sliver, etc).
    • UUID of the credential itself (this will need a bit more discussion).
  • A credential might be a set of capabilities, or it might be a ticket. Policy is the same. Leigh noted that the capability spec will need to be ammended to include a simple type field so that we can distinguish between tickets and capabilities.
  • What does CreateSliver return? A GGID (of the new sliver) and a credential that allows the user to control the sliver. Since the GGID is in the credential we really only need to return the credential itself? The credential includes the slice GGID and the user GGID of course.
  • Leigh asked where Tickets come from (GENI variant of birds and bees).
    • From either a component manager (CM) or from GENI Central, or resource broker. In the later two cases it is because a CM has signed over some reources to be allocated by someone else. Protogeni will not concern itself with this approach, but rather will only worry about standard CMs.
    • The tickets for an experiment (slice) can come from multiple CMs, but of course each ticket is valid on onl the CM it came from.
    • CMs are not supposed to overbook its resources.
    • CMs must honor all tickets, but a ticket might also be a "best effort" promise which gives the CM lots of flexibility to do almost anything (?).
    • When delegating a ticket to another user, both mediated and unmediated operation should be supported.
  • Leigh asked if Protogeni needs to implement a name registry. Rob said yes, but that it is most likely just an XMLRPC interface to a DB table. This interface needs to be developed. Note that the name registry will also the lookup CMs, and that the result is a URL.