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Rack power off

How to turn a rack off and on

To turn a rack off (e.g. for scheduled maintenance):

  1. Log into boss and disable remote access:
  2. boss> wap webcontrol -l nologin
  3. Cleanly shutdown all of the containers on the shared hosts so that they reboot properly when the physical node is powered back on. Note that this can take a while if there are lots of containers:
  4. boss> sudo shutdown-shared
  5. Now shutdown each of shared hosts:
  6. vhost-1> sudo shutdown -H now
  7. On boss shutdown the testbed daemons:
  8. boss> sudo testbed-control shutdown
  9. Log in to the control node and shut it (and its VMs) down:
  10. ssh control sudo xm shutdown -a -w

    After the VMs are gone, shut down the physical host:

    ssh control sudo halt
  11. If you like, cleanly shut down the rest of the experimental nodes, too. However, these hosts can easily be reimaged on demand, and (depending what current experiments have modified on the machines) you might not have permission to log in anyway.
  12. Unplug the nodes at the bottom of the rack. We do this to ensure that the experimental nodes do not reboot until the infrastructure nodes are up and running.
  13. Power the entire rack down.

To power a rack back on (e.g. when power returns, or when maintenance is complete):

  1. Turn on the switches, and wait until they are ready (steady green lights on the "Status" and "Modules" sections of the panels).
  2. Turn on the control node.
  3. AFter a while, log into boss and restart the daemons:
  4. boss> sudo testbed-control boot
  5. Plug in and turn on the rest of the nodes. Wait a few minutes.
  6. Optionally, verify that the experimental nodes are running correctly. If not, you might want to force them to restart/reload by logging in to the boss VM and using the node_reboot and os_load commands.