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ProtoGENI Versions

ProtoGENI Versions

This page lists the recommended and minimum versions of the ProtoGENI software for sites that are participating in the Federation.

The recommended version is the one we recommend that all sites run.

The minimum version is the oldest version that is believed to be at least minimally compatible with the recommended version - if you are running something older that this version, it's quite likely that you will not be able to participate in the federation fully, or at all.

These versions are specified as tags in our Git Repository.

If you are maintaining a set of local changes, then the version we list should be an ancestor of your branch - this means that you have merged with our branch since the named revision. You can test this with git branch --contains <tag or commit hash> - this will give you a list of branches that contain the given commit (or tag); make sure your local branch is in the list, and if not, you will need to merge with the branch from Utah.


Tag Commit hash Date
recommended stable-20100412 3af3829825bb138ccb8eec69c32309c998c0021e 4-12-2010
minimum stable-20100122 9c287b1d5050cddbc3a448e374d641f3bea8298e 1-22-2010