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RSpec Examples

RSpec Examples

Below are examples of various RSpecs. We divide the examples up by whether they are advertisements, requests, or manifests.

Advertisement Examples

Advertisements notify the user of what is available. Below are a couple of examples to show you what to expect.

Request Examples

Requests are rspecs you craft to request resources. Look through the list to see some kinds of resources you might want to request and what kinds of rspecs you must construct to make them:

  • I want a single node, but I don't care which one. Example
  • I want a particular PC. Example
  • I want two nodes linked together with a VLAN. Example
  • I want two nodes from different Component Managers linked with a GRE Tunnel. Example
  • I want an openvz container on a node potentially shared with other experiments. Example
  • I want to install and run software on my node once it boots. Example
  • I want a particular disk image (Operating System) loaded on a node. Example
  • I want to stitch a vlan between two rspecs across ion. Example
  • I want a LAN connecting three nodes. Example

Other Request Examples

Manifest Examples

Manifests give you useful information about what resources were actually allocated on a Component Manager.