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!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 30 Oct 2007

!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 30 Oct 2007


Important decisions to make early-on

  • Fork Emulab?
    • Pro: Allows us to develop more quickly, since we don't have to worry about breaking existing installations
    • Con: We may want to merge later, and that could be a pain
  • Short-term goals: Hardware-centric or software-centric?
    • Hardware-centric: We start by getting hardware deployed (ie. getting PCs and routers deployed at various sites, and getting Internet2 tunnels between them), but with the current Emulab interface, APIs, etc.
    • Software-centric: We start by getting the GENI APIs, etc. working, then worry about getting the hardware deployed

-- Main.RobertPRicci - 30 Oct 2007



  • Attendees: Rob, me, David, Jay, Leigh (phone)
  • start @ 11:10 AM
  • end @ 12:25 PM

Jay: preparatory work was not done for this meeting; let's do it now'''

  • make lists of issues, tasks, priorities, schedule
  • early operation
  • easy things first or hard things first?
  • think about devices; what hardware are we going to include?
  • usage model
  • who we get to partner with us? time is running out; can't wait

three months

Rob: suggest that we start with the issue of choosing (1) GENI API first, or (2) hardware first?

  • Jay: go through the list of components in order to make this choice.
  • Interfaces:
    • Advantages: finding stuff that's wrong, influence the GENI design earlier, making the design better, makes us look better
    • Disadvantages: getting stuck in design by committee, would rather just "show up" with something that works with the right hardware
    • Rob: existing interfaces are narrow, 10-20 methods. A first cut at putting these interfaces on top of our stuff would be mostly painless, if we ignore certain problems such as security, etc.
    • Rob: spec hardware now and order, then while we wait work on SW?

Jay: back on the partnerships...

  • Jay: example: CMU as a "loss leader" for us; getting other people to use Emulab
  • Matt Welsh: sensor network stuff; must get him to use our stuff! If he uses PlanetLab or ORBIT, it's a "permanent loss" to us.
    • Rob: so, what can we do about that?
    • Jay: likely issues for Matt
      • unreliable backhaul
      • stuff like what MoteLab gives [what are those things?]
  • Jay: work on the key architectural issues


  • General "missing features" for users; not GENI API issues, just

usability issues

  • Just selling to key customers
  • Jay: customers we have/want:
  • Rob: would we use our own stuff on our Emulab eventually?
    • Jay: yes.
    • But Emulab-like testbeds have no "place" in the architectural design of GENI

Fork or not to fork?

  • fork: free to hack; old system will degrade; ...
  • Leigh: forking will do nothing to speed up development of GENI stuff
  • Rob: comfortable with forking


-- Main.EricEide - 01 Nov 2007