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!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 09 Nov 2007

!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 09 Nov 2007


  • attendees: Jay, Mike, Leigh (phone), Rob, David, Eric
  • start @ 3:15 PM
  • end @ 4:45 PM+ (Eric left at 4:45 PM)

GENI Engineering Conference Planning

  • to be held in early March 2008
  • would like to have something to show off by then!

What's Required for Minimum Functionality

  • What is the minimum set of stuff that we need to do to Emulab to support a GENI-like service, from a user's perspective?
  • Mike: what do users expect to see in a !ProtoGENI, so that they don't say "that's just Emulab."
    • Jay: we just say "it's !ProtoGENI." Don't care if they say it's Emulab.
  • Rob: people expect to see shared nodes
    • ...even though we offer dedicated nodes already
    • Leigh: can't we get shared nodes just by putting the PlanetLab disk image on our own nodes? Yes!
  • Mike: tunnels over the Internet
    • Jay: GENI is trying to have reserved stuff
    • Rob: GENI is supposed to have its own backbone, although it doesn't have this now
  • Rob: get a virtual network, like they get in Emulab, but it's physically distributed over the country
    • Leigh: why not just run an overlay, and use tun/tap drivers?
  • Mike: what do users expect from Emulab in this new world?
    • Jay: wireless nodes
    • Jay: emulated subnets on the edges
    • Rob: something that looks like or is a server cluster
    • Jay: shared wireless node
  • Mike: what is the user interface to !ProtoGENI going to look like?
    • Jay: an ns file
    • Mike: what do we need to add to ns?
    • New specifications for tunneling? There are lots of ways to tunnel.
      • Rob: we already have a weak form of weak link typing --- tb-set-link-protocol
  • Mike: are we going to resurrect "WAN assign"?
    • Jay: WAN assign is an older program (written by Chad) that runs a genetic algorithm to set up tunnels on RON nodes.
    • What good what this be? Once we have reserved pipes, assign will do a better job than WAN-assign.
    • Resolution: do not resurrect WAN assign.
  • Mike: do we need any of the hierarchical naming schemes that are described in the specification?
    • No
  • Mike: do we need to do authentication stuff?
    • Jay: no, not if everyone goes through our portal.
    • We can get some authentication stuff from our existing XMLRPC stuff, e.g., existing user certificates
  • Jay: real layer 2 devices
    • Even if we don't get NLR, we can still get a metro area-wide network
    • Rob: it's valuable and crucial to the story to have layer 2 stuff between sites
      • do stuff with link typing at first, and something sexier later
    • Jay: what about PCs that are there?
  • Jay: native Node Manager nodes
    • making it easier
  • Jay: wide-area event system
    • Do we need to do anything to make the event system work in the wide area?
    • How to control wide-area nodes?
    • If we can't reboot things, they aren't going to work!
      • Rob: but we can't so easily reboot shared stuff
    • Mike: but we still use elvind in the wide area. Is this important?
      • Jay: how many days to fix this?
      • Leigh: less than a week, but more than a day or two
  • Jay: buy layer 1 switches for us
    • It's good to be "one layer down,"to help us develop !ProtoGENI
    • Rob: not sure how much this will actually help us.
  • Jay: virtual server stuff?
    • Mike: no, not for version 0
    • Rob: getting real switches (from Jon Turner, say) ASAP is good. It will distinguish us from other people doing GENI work.
  • Jay: what support do we need to have programmable routers?
    • NetFPGA

Summary: VersionZero Functionality

  • Shared nodes
    • Run our own PLC.
    • Run our own nodes with the PlanetLab image, and allow people to get slivers on them.
    • Our PLC talks to our ELC (?).
  • Tunnels
  • Two-level naming scheme
  • Layer 2 devices, in a geographically distributed network
  • Wide-area events

Action Items

  • Leigh/Mike/All: read the new VINI paper by next meeting (see MinutesFrom13Nov2007)

-- Main.EricEide - 10 Nov 2007