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Step 1

The ProtoGeni clearinghouse can be run as a standalone application, albeit with a few important caveats.

  • It is based on the Emulab source code, so it must run on a FreeBSD 6.X machine.
  • There is currently no support for running multiple clearinghouses in a federation. This is a future project.
  • It is work in progress. There are certainly bugs, and the code is changing very fast.
  • This is an experts only release; casual users will probably not have have much fun with it.

With that said, the first step to installing your own clearinghouse is to install Freebsd 6.3 on a suitable machine. Emulab also provides a security patch that you will want to install. This is a cumulative patch of the most important security issues in FreeBSD 6.3.

Once you have FreeBSD installed, you will need a copy of the current Emulab source code. Send mail to testbed-ops to request an account on our CVS server. Once you have an account, you can checkout a copy with this command:

cvs -d checkout testbed

Note that the Emulab source code comes with installation instructions, and there are instructions on the Emulab wiki. DO NOT FOLLOW THOSE INSTRUCTIONS! Follow the instructions on this page only.

Step 1

Make sure you have a proper perl installation that include the ability to run SETUID perl scripts:

pkg_info -L perl-5.8.8_1.tbz | grep sperl

Make sure that it shows /usr/local/bin/sperl5.8.* in the output. If not, then you need to reinstall perl 5.8 from the ports directory, but be sure to specify the ENABLE_SUIDPERL option.

Next, make sure that this symlink exists:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.8 /usr/bin/perl

Step 2

Localize protogeni/install/defs-clrhouse with the qualified name of your FreeBSD machine, and the email address to send system messages to. Be sure to change the PROTOGENI_DOMAIN variable as well. With that done, configure an object directory:

mkdir -p /your/obj/dir
cd /your/obj/dir
/your/src/dir/configure --with-TBDEFS=/path/to/your/defs-clrhouse

Step 3

In the object tree you have configured there is an 'install' subdirectory with a script called 'clrhouse-install'. Run this script as root (for example, with sudo):

cd install
perl clrhouse-install -s

The script may stop and ask you to install the clearinghouse metaport. If it does, do as it says, and then rerun the clrhouse-install script. Once the script completes successfully, the clearinghouse is setup. You may reboot your machine at this point.

Step 4

In order for ProtoGENI sites to use your clearinghouse instead of the one at Utah, they must have a copy of your clearinghouse certificate. Send a copy of /usr/testbed/etc/genich.pem to them, and have them place the certificate in the same place on their boss node.