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Host Name Mismatch errors

Host Name Mismatch errors

Under certain circumstances, the test scripts might attempt to connect to ProtoGENI services with incorrect host name aliases. This problem should not occur with sufficiently new software versions, but it is possible you might run into it with older certificates. There are several workarounds available:

  1. Obtain a new certificate from your Slice Authority (assuming the SA is new enough). If the SA is an Emulab, then you can simply repeat the instructions in the tutorial to receive a corrected certificate.
  2. Older versions of the M2Crypto Python library do not detect the error condition. For instance, version 0.13.1 ignores the error, but version 0.19.1 fails. Using the older library on the client side should work.
  3. If you generally only use a single federate, then you can configure the test scripts to use the proper host name for that site. For instance, to use the University of Utah's Emulab, you can create a file $HOME/ with the following contents:
    XMLRPC_SERVER = { "default" : "" }