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Integration with

Integration with HomeNet


The main tasks for this integration project will be:

  • Have the Emulab software running HomeNet join the ProtoGENI federation/clearinghouse
  • Provide appropriate support for describing wireless devices and links in the RSpec
  • Provide appropriate support for describing connectivity to commodity Internet in the RSpec

I'm sure I'm missing some - ricci


I'm not sure we have a good handle on how to describe wireless nodes in the RSpec. This is something that CMU and Utah will need to discuss: what do we want to be able to say about them, both in terms of the wireless interfaces themselves, as well as how well they can "see" each other?

Describing connectivity to the commodity Internet is especially important to HomeNet, since components will be on residential broadband, so their wired uplink is particularly interesting.


  • Join federation CMU
  • Wireless description in RSpec Utah/CMU
  • Improve 'connection to Internet' description in RSpec Utah


Apart from by special arrangement, we are wary of allowing outsiders access to these nodes, partly because privacy of the users in whose homes these systems are installed must be protected. No root access will be permitted on these nodes to experimenters, nor will reimaging be permitted. At least initially, these nodes probably should not be federated.