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Changes/Clarifications to the GMC API

Changes/Clarifications to the GMC API

This is a list of changes to the GMC API that we have made, or are planning to make, for ProtoGENI. In most cases, these changes will be suggested to the GENI Control Working Group.


This return value from this call needs to have a slightly different meaning when called on an aggregate. For more details, see the Aggregates page.


The set of capabilities that one might have over a slice, sliver, etc. are not well defined. We will start by simply using the methods from the API for this purpose: the set of capabilities for each object is simply the set of API calls that can be made on that object. There will also be an "all" capability that allows the calling of any API call.


There seems to be no reason to have AddComponent() and DeleteComponent() as public API interfaces. For all expected use cases, the members of an aggregate (members of a cluster, backbone, wireless network, etc.) are maintained by the operations and management teams, and thus interfaces for doing this do not need to be public.

A new call is needed to "peek into" the handle returned by CreateSliver(), and get credentials for all of the slivers inside. We still need to name this call. It should only be supported on Aggregate Managers.

Updating Slices

See our UpdatingSlices page for details on this.