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Aggregate Manager

Aggregate Manager

The aggregate manger in development by the ProtoGENI project is based on Emulab. Essentially, it places our version of the Component Manager API on top of the Emulab software. This means that it supports many of the operations and backend devices that the Emulab software itself does. Any Emulab site that is running the latest (CVS) version of the Emulab code can join the federation fairly simply (detailed instructions).

The ProtoGENI aggregate manager currently supports:

  • Authenticating users and checking credentials
  • The Component Manager API
  • Advertising its set of available resources as an RSpec
  • Accepting slice creation requests from any member of the federation
  • Simple local policies for giving out resources to users from other members of the federation
  • Creating slivers on PCs
    • Entire (non-virtualized) PCs
    • Slivers on PlanetLab nodes
      • Managed by the "main" PLC at Princeton (through the Emulab portal to PlanetLab)
      • Managed by "Private PlanetLabs" (we run a PLC at Utah with a dozen nodes around the country)
  • Creating network topologies between PCs
    • Topology is included in the RSpec used to request a sliver
    • Within an individual aggregate, topologies realized using VLANs (5 switch vendors are supported)
    • Between aggregates, IP-in-IP tunnels are created
  • Starting (booting) slivers