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Integration with Wisconsin Measurement System

Integration with Wisconsin Measurement System


The main tasks for this integration project will be:

  • Provide Wisconsin measurement box with a way of assigning ownership to packets/flows
  • Provide ProtoGENI access/authorization control for gaining access to measurements
  • Include information about measurement capabilities in RSpec advertisements/requests.
  • Possibly: Deploy at one or more ProtoGENI sites

Seems like there are probably more than this - ricci


We should be able to start with the PlanetLab tools for assigning ownership of packets/flows. However, these generally seem to be geared toward occasional, and not real-time, access to this data. One task here will be to figure out how to get this information to nearby measurement boxes.

It's quite likely that, even once we figure out how to 'stream' ownership info, the measurement box will get packets before we can assign ownership, so it'll probably need to buffer up packets whose owner is not knows.

We will probably want to create a new credential type to handle access control for measurements.


  • Provide code for authenticating users and checking credentials Utah
  • Define measurement aspects of RSpec Wisconsin
  • Define format for associating packets with slices Utah/Wisconsin
  • Export this data from ProtoGENI nodes Utah?