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Integration with CMU Wireless Emulator

Integration with CMU Wireless Emulator


The main tasks for this integration project will be:

  • Have the Emulab software running HomeNet join the ProtoGENI federation/clearinghouse
  • Provide appropriate support for describing wireless devices and links in the RSpec


The description of wireless resources in this case is somewhat different than HomeNet, because this environment is much more controllable. Because it's so unique, we will probably want to put it in an extension to RSpec rather than the base.

Question: Is the wireless emulator environment controlled by the same instance of the Emulab software, or is each running its own copy?

The emulator environment is controlled by the same Emulab software as the CMULab nodes, but there are additional control commands that must be executed to install the configuration emulab wants onto the emulator controller. I (Pat Gunn) have it on my todo list to make this automatic - this blocks effective integration.


  • Join federation CMU
  • Wireless description in RSpec Utah/CMU