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Integration with Kentucky Measurement Project

Integration with Kentucky Measurement Project


The main tasks for this integration project will be:

  • Providing the Kentucky tools with the information they require about slices, slivers, and components
  • Running appropriate measurement collection software on the ProtoGENI nodes
  • Providing appropriate access control to the measurement collection software


Earlier versions of the Kentucky tools grab topological information directly from the Emulab database. To integrate this project with ProtoGENI, we should make this information available through XML-RPC calls on the Clearinghouse and Component Managers.

Earlier versions of this tool collect data from an SNMP daemon that has been specially configured (and/or modified?) to work inside of Emulab's virtual nodes.

Question: How is access control to the snmp daemon done in earlier versions of this work? Should we somehow put the ProtoGENI authentication and/or authorization system in front of the daemon?

Question: Do we want to run one copy of the snmp daemon on sliced nodes for all slivers, or one daemon per sliver?


  • Figure out which data needs to be exported from the clearinghouse/CMs: Kentucky
  • Implement this data export: Utah
  • Get snmp daemon working with ProtoGENI slicing technology: Kentucky
  • Set up snmp daemon to run on all ProtoGENI nodes: Utah
  • Implement appropriate access control for snmp daemon: ?