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!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 13 Nov 2007

!ProtoGENI Project Meeting, 13 Nov 2007


  • attendees: Jay, Mike, Leigh (phone), Rob, David
  • start @ 11:00 AM
  • end @ 12:15 PM+

Integrating PLC with/into Emulab

  • Leigh: start by running PLC onto an inner Emulab boss
    • For now, don't bother with their build system, nor with a chroot

VINI Briefing

  • Difference: now they have virt in kernel, instead of using the UML+click+openvpn userspace, overlay, routing support
    • And, fewer features than before
  • Mike: it's a virtual network impl for linux
  • Most of the impl is NetNS, and their bridge to vservers.
  • They don't mention layer 2 virt, but the NetNS patch should have it.
  • Jay: we could write a paper... maybe make a trusted click module that the user writes and stick it into their namespace?
    • This (might) solve the problem of routing more than IP.

How do we integrate/support VINI in Emulab?

  • Mike: VINI nodes could be Emulab vnodes
  • They want us for the service level support, and topology (routing) config
    • We want to have VINI-capable vnodes
  • We can use this support to make our own linux vnodes in Emulab Classic
  • Rob: we need to support making topologies on VINI (which is what we need for GENI)
    • Keep existing plab stuff (NM support, vnode support, rootball)
    • Just use their code to setup virt routing tables
  • Rob:
    • Inner elab for dev, so we can start to talk to real VLC
    • We can point them to info that tmcc returns for virt networks, and some of the client side code that does the setup
    • Tunnels: they have stuff to config the kernel; they have to see how it maps to their current config software.
    • Possibility: put vini nodes in our db, and put links between them into the db.
      • Require hacking on assign_wrapper, ptop gen, to show that links can go across the ipv4 net.

Action Items

  • David: setup PLC stuff on an inner Elab
  • David: wiki-ize NetNS/openvz/vserver stuff
  • David: think about how to support multiple PLCs from the portal
  • Rob: generate a "VINI collaboration" mail

-- Main.DavidJohnson - 13 Nov 2007