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Fact about HPs iLo

How do you find the IP addresses of the ILOs?

See the information page for a node. Log into your Emulab's web interface and navigate to the node information page. For example, on the BBN rack, this would beĀ Look for the "Management IP" line.

What username and password to use to log in?

The username for the iLo is "elabman" or "Administrator". The password is in boss:/usr/testbed/etc/ilo.pswd. But the easiest way to log into the ilo is from boss:

boss> sudo sshtb -mng -host pcXXX

Note that the iLo is very slow, so be patient. If you just want to reboot the node, this is easier:

boss> sudo power cycle pcXXX

You can also use the web interface, by pointing your browser to the IP address mentioned above.

What are some useful commands?

Complete information on how to use the iLo is here.

In general, there is no need to log into the iLo except to look at the console. You can do that with the textcons command after you log into the ilo.

How do you log in to the control node ILO?

See above; the control node has the same username and password as the experimental nodes.