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GEC6 Demo Ideas

GEC6 Demo Ideas

Making VLANs across the backbone

Rob and Matt will run this demo.


  • 2 wired connections (normal) for Rob and Matt's laptops
  • 1 wired connection - special, to be arranged with campus
  • 3 power outlets (2 laptops, one desktop)
  • Table space for 2 laptops
  • Projector and screen for Matt's laptop
  • Maybe: Projector and screen for Rob's laptop?
  • Additional table space for participants to place their own laptops (must be in view of poster)
  • Poster board/easel
  • 4 short ethernet cables (<5ft) in addition to the ones used for wall connections
  • Desktop machine to act as AP (we will provide)
  • Monitor and keyboard for desktop machine (we will provide)
  • Small switch (we will provide)


  • Exclusive access PCs Complete
  • VLAN creation across POPs Complete
  • Google map showing backbone: Matt Strum is working on this
    • Need: Sufficient calls in CM to see sliver get created
  • Likely to have
    • Dedicated links to facilities in SLC
  • Unlikely to have
    • Shared/OpenVZ nodes in POPs
  • Point out: Use of VLANs by SPP/MAX

Basic plan:

  • Statically set up VLAN from demo room to DC
  • Run IPv6 route advertiser (FreeBSD machine running rtadvd) in Emulab
  • Run IPv6 webserver on PC in DC
  • Bring PC to act as AP
  • Matt shows map showing resources
    • Should be able to show which resources we are using for the demo
  • Invite conference attendees to connect to AP, and view webeserver
    • Use native IPv6 support that's widespread in OSes now
    • Rob has working in MacOS - basically no conf. required
    • Grant will look at Windows
    • David will look at Linux
  • Use Rob's laptop as a demonstration for:
    • IPv6 tools (ping6, traceroute6, web, etc.)

Poster contents:

  • Map of connection
  • Some details re:

Cooked mode

Jon will run this demo.


  • Projector/screen for Jon's laptop
  • Power outlet for Jon's laptop
  • Wired Ethernet connection for Jon's laptop
  • Poster space?


  • Show: Leigh is working on this
    • NS description of slice
    • Getting user accounts created
    • Installing custom RPMs, etc.
  • Are we going to use Netbuild GUI here?