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The flash client is depreciated, please use the map client

The flash client uses an Emulab generated certificate in order to authenticate you.

Creating a certificate:

  • Go to your user profile page on the Utah Emulab.
  • Click 'Generate SSL Cert' on the left.
  • Enter a password and remember it.

You can do one of two things:

(1) Copy the generated pkcs12 file from your .ssl directory on ops

or (2) Downloading and Converting the .pem certificate for use in Firefox:

  • Click the link to download it.
  • Copy and paste to a new file somewhere. Lets call it 'foo.pem'.
  • Run the command 'openssl pkcs12 -export -out foo.p12 -inkey foo.pem -in foo.pem' in a suitable environment
  • Now the file is in the proper format for Firefox.

Importing the certificate into Firefox:

  • Click Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption
  • Click the option to select a certificate automatically if you want to smooth out the process of using the tool.
  • Click View Certificate -> Your Certificates -> Import
  • Select foo.p12 and type in the password you set.

Now the flash client can actually talk to the CM, SA, and CH.

Several of the component managers are self-certified. Visit the following web addresses and add the proper security exceptions to firefox so that the flash client can talk to them. Note that you will get a 404 after making the exception.

At this point, you should be able to create a slice. Be sure to create a unique slice name. Be careful. This is demo-ware. There is not much there preventing you from shooting yourself or others in the foot.

Go to the FlashInterface and try it out.

If you are having trouble, email user duerig on the domain cs dot utah dot edu. I will try to help you and improve these instructions to suit.