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Notes For a ProtoGENI Demo

Notes For a ProtoGENI Demo

High-level Goals

  • G1: To demonstrate the progress made on ProtoGENI, and how it looks like a GENI implementation
  • G2: To showcase the unique capabilities of ProtoGENI that are not yet available on other platforms
  • G3: To give potential experimenters an idea/template of what they can do on ProtoGENI
  • G4: As a driver for implementation work


  • Run a non-IP protocol "end to end" (G1, G3)
    • At least, get as close to the edges as we can
      • Maybe tunnel in from hosts (ie. desktop machines) to local ProtoGENI nodes
      • Maybe target sites with Emulab installations, and set up ProtoGENI nodes to connect directly to the experimental network
    • Possible protocols to use
      • IPv4, but change the protocol number to make it look different. Lame, but probably relatively easy, and would allow us to use NetFPGAs as routers
      • IPv6 - better, but there are plenty of IPv6 installations
      • i3 - good because it's a well-known research protocol, but bad because it's intended to run as an overlay on IPv4 (ie. is already running on PlanetLab)
  • Include a variety of devices, in particular building wireless nodes (at Utah). Plus others where cost/benefit is low, perhaps sensor motes and GNU radio nodes.
  • Use an NS file to describe this network, its setup, and the software to run (G2)
  • This should all be automated to the extent that we can swap it in and out as part of the demo (ie. should not require manual setup) (G1/G2)
  • Show the process of finding available resources (G1)
    • Show that there are simple RSpec underneath this
  • Show project leader delegating some, but not all, privileges to manipulate the slice to a student (G1)
    • Give the student credentials to, say, stop the slice

What We Need To Do This

  • Have deployed ProtoGENI nodes at several sites (may not need to be shared yet)
  • Set up tunnels between ProtoGENI nodes
  • Desirable: Have NetFPGAs in some of these machines, and use them as routers and/or gateways
  • A simple RSpec implementation
  • Implementation of credentials and delegation